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Hort. Final II

Hort Final II

Annual Flowering plant that completes a life cycle within one growing season
Absorption The process taking in liquid or gaseous substance
Asexually Without union of male and female sex cells
Biennial A plant that produces leaves and roots the first year and flowers and fruit the second year
Bulb A vegetable structure that consists of layers of fleshy overlapping each other like an onion
Bulblet Immature bulb which develops at the base of the bulb
Bareroot Roots with no soil because the soil was wached or shaken away
Corm Solid swollen underground bulb-shaped stem or stem base and serves as a reproductive structure
Container growing Growing nursery crops to marketable size in a container
Common Name English name of a plant that may differ in various locations
Cotyledons First leaves to appear on a plant: seed leaves
Cutting Section of stem or root used for propagation of plants
Deciduous plant Plants that loses their leaves during certain seasons
Dicot Flowering plant with two cotyledons
Direct seeding Planting seeds in a permanent growing site
Division Method of propagation requiring the cutting and dividing of plants
Dormant Resting. nongrowing state
Environment Surrounding area
Evergreen Plant that has leaves or needles throughout the year
Focal point Accent point in an flower arrangement where the attention is focused
Forcing Growing plants to flowers at other than their normal season
Hardening off Gradually subjecting plants to more difficult growing conditions by withholding water and decreasing the temperature: preparing plants for transplating
Horticulture The cultivation of plants
Misting system A piped water system used in greenhouses which uses nozzles to spray fine droplets of water on plants
Monocot Type of floweriness plant with one cotyledon, seed leaf
Mutrients Plant food elements
Perennal Plant that grows year after year without replanting; plants whose roots live year after year
Pest Unwanted animals, plants, bacterium or fungus
Photowyntheses Process by which plants use the sun's energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar
Propagate To reproduce
Reproduction Increase in number
Rooting hormone A hormone used to enhance production of roots on a cutting
Science name Latin name of a plant giving its genus and species
Fertilizer that releases plant nutrients over a long period of time Slow release fertilizer
free from all organisms Sterile
Loss of water from a plant through its leaves Transpiration
The act of uprooting and moving a plant to a new location Transplant
Fleshy root that reproduces by growing roots from an eye or bud Tuber
Grasses that act as vegetative ground cover Turf-grass
Any plant growing where it is not wanted Weed
Any natural or man made screen to slow wind speed Windbreak
Techniques of landscaping that conserves water Xeriscaping
Structure on a plant vine or stem that allows the plant to attach itself to a trellis or other structure Tendril
A structure or frame to support climbing plants Trellis
The main stem of a tree Trunk
No soil in the growing mix Soilless
Method or propagation that occurs naturally in which reproduction organs of plants detach from the parent plant to become new plants Separation
Underground stem that produces roots on the lower surface and extends leaves and flowering shoots above the ground Rhizome
Root-bound When plants roots are overcrowded in the container' it usually causes the root to grow to grow into a circle in the container
pH Level Measure of the soils acidity or alkalinity level on a scale of 1 to 14
pH a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is
monocot A plant having only one cotyledon or seed leaf
Trellis Latticework used to support climbing plants
Pot bound Roots growing in a tight pattern around the walls of the container
Herbicide A substance for killing plants, especially weeds
Lethal dose Dose that causes death
Rodeinticide Chemical used to rid of mice and rats
Insecticide Chemical used to kill insects
Chronic toxicity Measure how a pesticide is over a period of time
Calibrated Adjusted or set up
Chromosome A threadlike body in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order
DNA Deoxyribonucleis acid: the genetic material that carries information about an organism and is passed from parent to offspring
Lipid An oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents
Cell Membrane Regulates what enters and leaves the cell
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