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Fluids are able to flow and change shape
Sir Isaac Newton stated relationship between tempetature and the viscosity of fluids
Law of Viscosity states that only a change in temperature affects the viscosity of a fluid
viscosity liquids naturally resists flow
Newtonian fluids keep their fluid properties no matter how much they are stirred or mixed
ketchup, blood,yoguart gravy,mud,slime and pie fillings examples of non-Newtonian fluids
non-newtonian fluids may creat a hole when stirred, they are very viscous
plastic a substance that can be molded into various shapes before hardening
petroleum a form of crude oil, black gold
petroleum made from plants and animals over time with heat and pressure.
all plastics are polymers but... not all polymers are plastics
nonrenewable resource it cannot be replaced once it is used up
fractional distillation petroleum is separated into useful parts by this process
percent of a barrel of crude oil used as gasoline 46.7%
percent of a barrel of crude oil used as petrochemicals 3.8%
Asphalt,fuel,wax,lubricants common products of petroleum
asphalt main material used for building roads
fuel burns easily and releases large amounts of anergy
wax used in funiture polish and as a coating for milk cartons
lubricants substances that reduce friction between moving parts of equipment
petrochemical a product made from petroleum
monomer a single link in the chain
polymer the entire chain
polymerization the process of chemically bonding monomers to form polymers
polymers have always existed in nature, but have recently been producted by industrial processes
synthetic polymers polymers made from petrochemicals
rubber,plastic wrap and nylon eamples of synthetic polymers
plastics most important synthetic polymers we use everyday
cotton, silk,wool and natural rubber examples of natural polymers
protein a natural polymer essential ingradient in living matter
amino acides monomers that make up protein
starch and cellulos carbohydrates that are polymers
glucose the monomer that makes up starch and cellulose
polymers used in medicine for.. human tissues such as bones and arteries
graduated cylinders used to measure liquids
milliliters how a graduated cylinder is marked
menisus graduated cylinder is measured from the bottom of this
white glue(PVA)and sodium tetraborate(borax) ingredients of silly putty and slime
Created by: MattDodge