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Test 3 (9 Week Exam)

the largest part of the brain and controls conscious thought and reason. cerebrum
the most powerful natural stimulant. cocaine
can only be cut into equal halves to create right and left halves. bilateral symmetry
made up of smaller units called cells. tissue
a cavity. plaque
a disease a person is born with. congenital disease
leaf blades attached to the node by a stalk. petiole
seeds that pass through an animals digestive system before being eaten. agent dispersal
speeds up the body's nervous system. stimulants
the study of organisms interacting with their surroundings and each other. ecology
drugs that slow the body functions. depressants
a layer of dead skin cells a the base of your nail. cuticle
a master gland it controls hormones and the action of endocrine glands. pituitary gland
a commonly abused stimulant found in tobacco products. nicotine
enlargement of the muscles. hypertrophy
carries water and nutrients upward. xylem
avoid overexposure to the sun. sun protection factor (spf)
glands that become clogged and infected with dirt and develop white or black mounds. pimples
a theory has never been proven false. law
the hardest substance in the body that covers the crown. enamel
a gland that helps your body stay cool. sweat gland
lack of proper nutrition because of poor diet. malnutrition
enables the blood to carry oxygen around the body. iron
helps muscles move correctly and maintains the water balance of the body's cell. potassium
sugars and starches that are important source of energy for the body. carbohydrates
is essential for normal growth, good eyesight, healthy skin. vitamin A
can't be broken down by your body into sugars. fiber
build a repair body cells, also helps build enzymes that regulate the bodies chemical activities. proteins
transport of vitamins through the bloodstream to create extra energy. lipids
promotes strong bones and is needed in your blood and for muscle contraction. calcium
helps your body by strengthening your heart and lungs and by burning your excess body fat. aerobic
a term for flowering a plant. angiosperms
who is the father of the scientific method. Sir. Francis Bacon
plants that go through two growing seasons to complete their life cycle. biennial
large blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart. arteries
occurs when the coronary arteries supplying the heart becomes blocked. heart attack
attacks immune system and prevents the body from fighting pathogens. aids
the most common disease that affects the immune system and occurs when the immune system becomes oversensitive to allergens. allergy
a disease in which the lungs' alveoli collapse making breathing difficult. emphysema
occurs when some of the body's cells begin to divide and grow at adnormally fast pace and take over the nutrients that normal cells need. cancer
the buildup of fatty deposits in any of the body's arteries. atherosclerosis
malignant tumors can spread throughout other parts of the body by a process. metastasis
although not normally severe, is inconvenient and can lead to serious conditions. common cold
creating a sensible explanation. hypothesis
fully ripened ovary. fruits
is better to eat than saturated fats because it is more easily broken down by the digestive system. unsaturated fats
a strong motion that is usually expressed in a physical way. emotion
when bacteria inside the mouth digest sugars creating an acid. dental caries
body's largest internal organ. liver
what are the air sacs in your lungs called. alveoli
has a disk and ray in this family. composite family
helps restore nutrients nitrogen to the soil. pea family
have long slender leaves with parallel veins. monocot
composed of the nerves and nerve tissues. nervous
removes liquid and soluble waste from products from the body. urinary
transports nutrients, wastes, respiratory gases, and other materials. cardiovascular
give form and rigidity body and protects vital organs. skeletal
covers and protects the body. integumentary
breaks down food you eat allowing you the food to absorb the blood and used throughout the body as a source of energy. digestive
major function that exchanges oxygen from the air with carbon dioxide from the blood. respiratory
Created by: Lauren W