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Drug Exam

Drug exam for Medication Administration ICCC

What is another name for Aspirin? ASA
What Classification is ASA? Antiplatelet
If you take too much Aspirin it can cause what? GI upset/Bleeding
What is side effect of Aspirin? Tinnitus(ringing in the ears)
What is the Trade name for Coumadin? Warfarin
What Classification is Warfarin? Anticoagulant
What is the antidote for Warfarin/Coumadin? Vitamin K
When taking Warfarin, nurse needs to monitor the patient for what? Where can this occur? Bleeding. Can occur in nose, mouth, ears, gums, and stool
What is the Generic name for Hep Lock? Heparin
What is the Classification of Heparin? anticoagulant
The nurse needs to monitor the patient for what when taking Heparin? Bleeding
What is the antidote for Heparin? Protamine Sulfate
What is the generic name for Lovenox? enoxaparin
What is the classification of Lovenox? anticoagulant
If patient is taking enoxaparin, nurse needs to monitor for what? bleeding
What is the antidote for Lovenox? Protamine Sulfate
What is the Trade name for digoxen? Lanoxin
What is the classification for digoxen? Anti-arrhythmic
If patient is advised to take digoxen, what needs to be done before giving medication? Check Apical pulse before admin, check for 1 minute.
If patient AP if greater than 100 and less than 60; was to be given digoxen. What is to be done? Hold medication
When taking Lanoxin/digoxen what needs to be monitored? Dig Toxicity
What are some symptoms of digoxen/Lanoxin? confusion, anorexia, bradycardia
What Classification is nitroglycerin? anti-anginal?
Is nitroglycerin a generic or Trade name? generic
What is a side effect of nitroglycerin? headaches
How is nitroglycerin given? pill, patch, spray, sublingual
What is the generic name for Lasix? furosemide
What classification is Lasix/furosemide? diuretic-potassium depleting
When taking Lasix nurse needs to monitor? electrolytes, edema, I/O, Daily wt, Lung sounds, BP, and AP
What is Trade name for potassium chloride? KLOR
What classification is potassium chloride/KLOR? Electrolyte
When taking KLOR/potassium chloride what needs to be monitored? electrolytes, BP and AP
What is the generic name for Tylenol/APAP? acetaminophen
What classification is acetaminophen? non-opioid analgesic and antipyretic
Toxic doses of acetaminophen can cause? hepatotoxcity
What is Trade name for ibuprofen? Motrin
What classification is ibuprofen? non-opioid analgesic, antipyretic, and NSAID
What is a NSAID? nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug
How should ibuprofen be given? with food or milk
Taking too much or on empty stomach of ibuprofen can cause? GI bleeding
Toxic doses of ibuprofen can cause? renal toxicity
What is the Trade name of morphine? Roxanol
What scheduled drug is morphine? Schedule II
What is a side effect of morphine? constipation
What do you monitor while taking morphine? Respiratory Rate. Can cause decrease
What is the antidote for morphine? narcan
What is generic name for Norco? hydrocodone
What scheduled drug is hydrocodone? Schedule II
What is the side effect of Norco/hydrocodone? constipation
What needs to monitored while taking hydrocodone? Respiratory rate, can cause decrease
What is the antidote for hydrocodone? Narcan
What is generic name for Colace? docusate sodium
What is Colace? stool softener
What does Prilosec treat? GERD, Heartburn and ulcers
What is Prednisone? Steriod
What does prednisone treat? inflammation
What is the Brand name for albuterol? Ventolin
What classification if albuterol? Bronchodilator
Who is albuterol used for? asthmatic patients
What is the generic name for Synthroid? levothyroxine
Levothyroxine is what kind or replacement? Thyroid
levothyroxine treats? hypothyroidism
What is side effects of taking too much levothyroxine? weight loss, always warm, increase heart rate
What is the generic name for Sinemet? levodopa/carbidopa
What does levodopa/carbidopa treat? Parkinson's Disease
What is ferrous Sulfate? iron replacement
What is side effect of ferrous sulfate? constipation, black tarry stools
Ferrous sulfate can cause? GI upset
What insulin can be given in IV? Regular
What does Regular insulin look like in the vial? Clear
What type of acting is Regular Insulin? Rapid acting
What does NPH look like in Vial? Cloudy needs to be rolled
What Insulin can not be mixed? Lantus
What type of acting is Lantus? Long-acting
What is blood Sugar range? 70-120
What is Hypoglycemia? low blood sugar
What are symptoms of Hypoglycemia? sweaty, shaky, headache, moody, and confusion
What is Hyperglycemia? high blood sugar
What are symptoms of hyperglycemia? Polyuria, polydipsia, and polyphagia
What is Polyuria? excessive urination
What is Polydipsia? excessive thirst
What is Polyphagia? excessive hunger
What is Insulin mixture? 70/30; has two kinds of insulin
Created by: Renia
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