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The Rise of Sumer

Polytheism The belief of multiple gods.
What power did the Sumerian's believe their god's possessed? They believed they could bring sickness, health, and wealthiness.
Why did priests gain high status in Sumer? People believed that they could talk to the gods.
What was Sumer's social hierarchy? Kings lived in the top or point of the village then people who worked for the king then middle class, and then lower class.
What were men's roles? A man's role was farming, or working for the king
What were woman's role? Staying home and watching the kids.
What is Rural? Rural is country sides.
What is Urban? Urban is the city
What were city states? City states were a combination of country sides (Rural) and cities (Urban)
How did city states get along with each other? They didn't! They were always fighting for either land, food, or water.
How was Sargon able to build the first empire? He was in very high power in the military. He won most of Sumer and built the first empire
What is an empire? An empire is land with different territories and people under a single ruler.
Cuneiform The Sumerian system of writing, which used symbols to represent basic parts of words
Pictographs Picture symbols that represented objects such as trees or animals.
Scribe A writer
Epics Long poems that tell stories of a hero.
Architecture The science of building.
Ziggurat A pyramid shaped temple tower
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