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Latin America Review

Latin Test Review

Who was Brazil colonized by? The Portuguese, that is why they speak Portuguese and share cultural traits.
Why is the Terrace Farming used in the Andes Mountains? This is when people create a stair step pattern into the side of the mountain in order to create more room for agricultural land in Mountainous regions
What are Maquiladoras American factories located in Mexico, close to the border with the USA
Why are Maquiladoras important? Companies hire Mexican workers are a cheaper, rate, leading to the lower cost of goods.
What is that Panama Canal? Panama Canal is a waterway located in Panama. It connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Why is the Panama Canal important to the USA? It makes trade more efficient because it cuts down on time which leads to cheaper exchange of goods, which leads to more US Jobs in port cities.
Push Factor Something bad that forces people out of a country
Pull Factor Something Good that encourages people to come to a country
Mexican culture is a blend of which cultural influences? Spanish and native influences
What is deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest? Cutting down trees to clear land for other things.
Why is deforestation happening? Because different groups, such as, loggers, cattle ranchers and farmers desire the nutrient rich soil.
What are the positives of NAFTA? Free trade, cheaper products
What are the negatives of NAFTA? abuse (exploitation) of workers in Mexico, loss of American Jobs.
What is the lasting impact of the Colombian Exchange? The culture of Latin America was forever changed by the influences of European Power. Today in countries like Mexico, we see a combination of European cultures and native culture.
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