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ROTHMC Vocab 7,8,9

Placid calm, peaceful, showing no emotion
Eviction Forced out or expelled
Revenue money collected from rent or taxation
Denote to indicate a meaning, to symbolize
Insolent showing no respect for authority /disrespectful in speech & conduct
Impaled made helpless as if piecired by a sharp object or by words
Fuming Showing irritation or building anger
Feigned pretended
Barren not fertile or productive; empty
Interjected inserted or thrown in, interrupted
Bewildered confused; filled with uncertainty
Lingered staying around, slow to leave
Amenities something that makes life more pleasent
Lilt lively rhythm
Rile anger or upset
Premature before usual time
Agitated angry/disturbed or excited
Prod to push or move along
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