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DNA & Cell Division


What does the model of DNA look like? Twisted Ladder
What enzyme proofreads and connects free nucleotides to the pre-existing old strand of DNA during replication? DNA Polymerase
What enzyme breaks the hydrogen bonds between the base pairs during DNA replication? Helicase
What molecule contains genetic information DNA
Where does DNA replication take place in eukaryotic cells? Only in the nucleus
DNA is an organic polymer composed of monomers called? Nucleotides
Cell spends most of its time in what phase? Interphase
During S Phase The cell is replicating DNA for Mitosis
Mitosis Is the division of two newly formed Nuclei
Interphase Is the phase in which the cell splits into 2 new daughter cells. During this phase animal cells pinch off from the cleavage furrow and the emergence of the cell plate is discovered to be formed in plant cell.
Why is DNA replication during Interphase important for the process of Mitosis? The process ensures that each new daughter cell will receive the COMPLETE SET of genetically identical chromosomes as the original parent cell.
Which example is representative of asexual reproduction through mitosis? Bacteria, dividing itself in half to make two bacteria
Eukaryotic, multicellular organisms go through mitosis when which type of cells are dividing? Somatic Cells
Which of the following does not occur during Interphase The cell nuclear envelope disappears
Cell division is controlled by DNA
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