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Renal 2 Exam

Inflammation of the __________ renal parachyma
Begins as infection of lower urinary tract and ascends the ________ urethra
Caused by bacteria normally found in the GI tract (E-coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacteria) d/t improper wiping techniques, obstruction (stones, BPH, structures)
S/S of acute PN chills, fever, leukocytosis, bacteriuria, pyuroa, LBP, flank pain, N/V, H/A, malaise, dysuria
Dx of acute PN H&P, UA, C&S, CBC, US, IVP, CT
Pts with acute PN appear ______ ______. Acutely ill
Treatment of PN ATB 2 weeks (Vanc, Gent, Bactrim, Cipro), NSAIDS, Increase PO fluids, Pyridium (staining occurs)
With tx, sym of PN should improve within ____ to ___ hours. If relapse, will need ____ weeks ATB 48-72 hours; 6 weeks
Pts with PN can become _______ quickly Septic
Repeated episodes of PN can lead to Chronic PN
Chronic PN can produce ______ _____ and renal failure kidney scarring
Sym of Chronic PN fatigue, HA, poor appetite, polyuria, excess thirst, wt loss
Complications of chronic PN ESRD, HTN, Renal calculi
Tx of chronic PN long-term prophylactic ATB, monitor RF and nephrotoxicity
Created by: mreedy