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Latin 3 Derivatives

Latin 3 Term 1 Derivatives

Appellation To call ones name
Animadversion Hyper critical
Munition A defense, fortification
Torch To twist
Promontory A mountain that juts out
Antepenultimate 3rd last
Defame To belittle, speak ill of something
Ocular Pertaining to the eye
Pastoral Countrified
Fugacious Prone to flight
Transfigure To change the shape
Ultramontane Beyond the mountains
Lucifugous Avoidance of daylight
Vermont Green mountain
Centrifugal To flee the center
AUC Ab Urbe candita-from the founding of the city
Loquacious Talkative
Mellifluous Flowery, like honey
Felicide The killing of a cat
Aviculture To raise birds
Tinge To stain
Lapidation To stone to death
Alumnus A male graduate
Alma Mater Mother (school)
Avis rara A rare bird
Alumna Woman graduate
Vestige Remains, tracks
Lorimer A person who works with horses, tack
Ritual A way of doing things
Victuals Foods
Desiccation The act of dying
Adherent Sticking with something
Guitar Stringed instrument
Collar Shirt collar
Nepotism Favoring ones family over another
Uxorious Overly dutiful to ones wife
Officious Dutiful
Irruption A bursting inward
Ex officio From the office
Arbor vitae The tree of life
Mirage Something that appears to you
Percussion Something that beats, sticking
Odious Something else you hate
Edict Proclamation, saying
Validity Something strong, valid
Arcuate Bow-shaped, arched
Remonstrance The showing of something
Uxoricide To kill your wife
Equinox Equal night
Officiant Duty at a church, temple
Irascible Able to be angered, easily
Torticollis A bent neck, twisted neck
Conative Trying, attempt
Docent One who teaches in a museum
Convex Carried together with a bend
Ardor Passion, a burning for
Moratorium A pause, hiatus
Repatriation Back home at the homeland
Nolo contendere I do not wish to contend
Pari passu Walking with equal pace, steps
Operose Full of work, toilsome
Trireme 3 sets of oars
Cupidity Desire
Permanence Something that remains
Extol To lift up, on a pedestal
Docile Easy to teach
Magnum opus A great work
Expatriate Leaving, exiled from homeland
Tergiversation To turn your back on something
Cursive Words running together
Manse An estate that stays in the family
Ardent Something hot, passionate
Expound To explain something
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