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Science: Chpt 4

The Compounds of Life Quiz

atom smallest particle of an element that keeps the chemical identity of that element.
lipids energy-rich compounds that include fats, oils, and waxes.
cholesterol a lipid found in animal products that can lead to coronary artery disease.
carbohydrates energy-rich compounds such as starch, glucose, and sucrose.
starch plants store energy as large carbohydrate molecules.
elements 92 of them make millions of different compounds.
pH scale the amount of acid or base in water
water excellent solvent that is capable of dissolving almost everything.
proteins made of smaller molecules called amino acids.
carbon makes most of the compounds that make up life.
carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen are the most abundant atoms in living organisms.
DNA nucleic acid that contains the information cells need to make proteins
proteins hair, fingernails and skin
starch rice, potatoes, and bread
dark zone sunlight does not reach this area of the ocean. few organisms live here
habitat a place where an organism lives
element simplest form of matter
water supports life because 1. it dissolves just about anything 2. has a high specific heat 3. stays liquid at a wide range of temperature
product what the react molecules make (is shown after the arrow in a chemical formula).
reactant molecules combined to make a product (before the arrow in the chemical formula).
chemical reaction rearranging atoms in one substance into a new substance
photosynthesis water + carbon dioxide ---> glucose + oxygen
compound 2 or more different ELEMENTs that are chemically joined
molecule group of two or more ATOMs joined together chemically
water 2 hydrogen atoms + 1 oxygen atom
Created by: solgarcia