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Science Quiz


Tissues A group of cells that are similar in structure and function
Contract Shorten
Organs Structures that have specific structures and are made up of different tissues
Organ Systems Groups of organs that have related systems
Circulatory System an organ system that carries nutrients and other chemicals to the cells of the body and carries away waste; includes the heart, arteries and veins
Heart the organ responsible for pumping blood through the body
Nutrients the usable substance in food
Blood Vessels tube- like parts of the circulatory system that transport blood through the body
Vein a blood vessel that carries blood back to the heart
Artery a blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
Heart Chamber one of four parts- right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, right ventricle
Atria heart chambers that receive blood from the veins
Ventricles muscular heart chambers that pump blood through the arteries
Pulse the surge of blood in an artery as the blood is pumped by the heart
Respiratory System the organ that delivers oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide, a waste gas, from the blood. It includes the nostrils, trachea, & lungs
Trachea A tube that carries air to the lungs
Diaphram A band of muscle that regulates pressure in the chest cavity
Mucus Sticky wet material in your nose and other organs
Created by: Playwithwords