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Earth's Atmosphere

Air mass 💨 A large volume of air thatches nearly the same temepture and humidity
Air pressure 💨 Force of air molecules pushing on an area
Atmosphere 🌁 Outer layer of gases of a large body in space
Climate 🌍🏂💨💦 Weather conditions in a area over a long period of time.
Climate Zone 🕙 Climate of different regions based on chaacteristics they have in common
Conduction 😻🔥 From a warmer object to a cooler object by means of physical contact
Contaional climate 🌍 Climate that occurs in the interior of a continent
Convection 🔥 When warmer,less dense area of gas or luqid is pushed up but a cooler,more dense area of the gas or liquid
Corioulis Effect 🌍 The influence of Earths rotation on objects that move over earth
Front💨 The boundary between air masses
Global winds💨🌍 Winds that travel long distances in steady patterns
High-pressure system 🌍🌁 (calm and clear) when air sinks down in high-pressure center and spreads out
Humidity 🔥💨 The amount of water vapor in the air
Jet stream 💦💦💦💦💦 Wind that flows in the upper troprsphere from west to east
Low-prussure system💨💨 (stormy) air moves around and into a low-pressure center
Marine climate 🐟🐬🐳🐋🐚🐠 A climate influenced by a nearby ocean. (mild teperature)
Microclime 😎 The climate of a smaller area within a subclimie
Radiation 🚫 Every that travels across distances in the form of elecctrimagnic waves
Weather 💨 The condtions of Earth's amothshere at a particular time and place
Wind The horizontal movement of air caused by differences of air pressure
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