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Nutritional assessme

WOCN program

Describe criteria to be included in a comprehensive nutritional assessment physical exam, nutritional history (type of diet,) physical exam, (weight change, edema,) risk factors anthropomorphic and lab data
what is the difference between nutrition screening tool and assessment tool screening identifies the pt is at risk or not at risk for malnutrition assessment measures the extent of malnutrition
Identify nursing interventions to manage poor nutrition offer supplementation, fortify, freq small meals
Describe the role of carbohydrates in wound healing provides energy, protein sparing, angiogenesis
Describe the role of proteins in wound healing needed for nitrogen balance, provide amino acids and new protein syntheses
Describe the role of fat in wound healing cell walls, intracellular structures
Describe the role of vit C in wound healing collagen synthesis and iron absorbtion
Describe the role of iron in wound healing oxygen transport
Describe the role of zinc in wound healing protein metabolism, collagen formation,
Describe the factors to consider in a nutritional assessment nutritional hx, physical statues, ability to eat/absorb, lab data, social factors affecting food intake
What are the criteria for determining the route of nutritional support ability to consume adequate nutrition PO. GI tract should be used if at all possible, second choice is parenteral.`
Identify two measures to increase protein and calories for the home care patient with a wound who needs oral nutritional support nutritional supplements, addition of high protein snacks, small freq. meals
Identify the risk factors for malnutrition hypermetabolism, wgt loss, decreased appetite, sociological factors, physical limitations, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, dietary restrictions
What reverses effects of steroid changes vit A
What is required for collagen cross linking copper
What provides energy? carbohydrates
What is a cofactor for collagen formation and protein synthesis zinc
What supports oxygen transport iron
Is a cofactor for collagen synthesis and capillary wall integrity vitamin C
Calcium metabolism vitamin D
Serum albumin is a valid lab measurement to diagnose recent mild to moderate malnutrition true or false? false
What is the best lab test to measure nutritional status there is no ideal lab test for malnutrition serum albumin and prealbumin, transferrin, retinol binding proteins are used
What does an albumin of 2g/dl indicate? hypoalbuminemia
List three anthropometric measurements to perform in the nutritional assessment height, weight, (BMI) head circumference in children
The caloric need of an obese person with a chronic non-healing wound is greater than the person of normal weight. True or false? false
Arginine increases the rate of healing in a patient with a pressure ulcer. True or false? false
what affects serum protein levels inflammation, hydration, renal status
what is the fluid requirement for adequate hydration 30ml/kg unless pt has renal failure or heart disease (min 1500ml/24hr)
what is malnutrition insufficient energy intake, wit loss, muscle mass and sub Q fat loss, local or general edema, decreased handgrip strength
what is the recommended protein intake for healing 1.25-1.50 g per Kg or enough to maintain a positive nitrogen balance
what is the the best choice of lab test to measure nutritional status prealbumin
role of B complex in healing cofactors in enzymes, inflammation, synthesis of macronutrients
role of vit A in healing angiogenesis, epithelialization,inflammatory response
role of vit E in healing antioxidant
how much fluid is recommended 2.4L for Women, 3.7L for Men in 24 hrs
indicators of malnutrition wit loss of 5% in 30 days or 10% in 180 days
underweight BMI <18.5
average BMI 18.5-24.9
overweight BMI 25-29.9
obese BMI >30
caloric needs for open wound or at risk for PI 30-35 cal/kg/day
Created by: Beth Perry