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Tx of stomatitis Swish and swallow and ANB or Antifungal Gargle w/ mouthwash non alcoholic
Assessment and care of cleft palate Visual inspection or with gloved hand Feed in upright position Burp frequently
Gerd s/s (8) Dyspepsia Regurgitation Coughing Hoarseness Epigastric pain Trouble swallowing /Painful swallowing' Water brash Wheezing at night
Antacids should be taken when? One hour before eating, 2 hours after, and HS
Antacids should not be used for extended amount of time why? increases LES pressure
S/s of liver trauma/ disease (9) Rashes/ Dry skin Thrombocytopenia Fatigue Wt. change N/V abd pain liver tenderness jaundice bright red palms
Hurschsprung disease s/s (5) Refusal to feed Abdominal distention Failure to thrive Ribbon like stools Palpable fecal mass
Treatment of Hurschsprungs Colostomy
Colonoscopy purpose and prep Examiniation of large bowel Liquid diet 12-24 hours before NPO 6 hrs before Bowel cleanse L side knees drawn up positioning Abd fullness/ cramping afterward
Stomatitis interventions Soft bristled toothbrushes/ foam swabs to stimulate gums and clean mouth Mouth care q2 Frequent rinsing of mouth / baking soda or H202/NS solution
EGD purpose and prep Visual exam of esophagus, stomach and duodenum Npo 6-8 hours before monitor for gag reflex return May have sore throat
Dietary changes to decrease pain in stomatitis Increased protein Increased vitamin C
Colectomy definition and care Removal of colon NG tube stoma assessment
Things that increase intra-abdominal pressure (6) Pregnancy Obesity Abdominal distention Ascites Heavy lifting Coughing
Three types of GERD meds Antacids Histamine blockers Proton Pump inhibitors
Gastric bypass post-op care Six small feedings Push fluids Measure abd girth Padding between fat folds
Liver examination assessment Dullness over hollow organs
B12 deficiency s/s Parathesias Jaundice Glossitis Pallor
Why is there a B12 deficiency d/t gastrectomy Intrinsic factor secreted by gastric mucosa Bile salts ingest B12, leaving less for the body
S/S of gastritis (7) Anorexia N/V epigastric pain pernicious anemia dyspepsia hematemesis gastric hemmorhage
S/S diverticulitis Usually no s/s Sometimes: Low grade fever Nausea LLQ pain Hx of constipation Elevated wbc
Tx of diverticulitis No barium enema d/t risk of rupture of diverticulum ANB tx CT; XRAY diagnosis
Fecal occult blood testing teaching No raw fruit No raw veggies No vit C rich foods No red meat Anticoagulates d/c'd 7 days before
Normal PH of esophagus and stomach E: 6.0-7.0 S: 1.5-2.0
S/s of splenomegaly Dullness w/ percussion
Abd ultrasound prep Full bladder Fasting Fat free meal before
dehydration s/s in peds pt. (7) Tachycardia Dry skin mucous membranes Sunken fontanels Coolnees/ mottling of extremities Loss of skin elasticity Prolonged capp refill Decreased output
s/s of dehydration in adult (5) change in mental status fever tachycardia decreased urine output orthostatic hypotention dry mucous membranes
why are antidiarrheals contraindicated in ped pt? predisposal to toxic megacolon
Diet for post-op gastric bypass clear liquids 1oz 24-48 hrs postop 6 weeks of liquids advanced to reg diet after 6 weeks
S/S of dumping syndrome (9) diaphoresis dizziness light headedness palpitations confusion tachycardia nausea diarrhea abd cramping
s/s of peritonitis (9) decreased output; dehydration "board like" abdomen knee chest position abd pain diminished bowel sounds inability to fart rebound tenderness high fever tachycardia
GERD diet via diet (7) eliminate: chocolate fried foods alcohol fatty foods caffeine carbonated beverages spicy/ acidic foods
Lifestyle changes to control GERD (9) 4-6 small meals daily elevate HOB 6-12 inches dont lie flat no smoking no alcohol lose weight loose clothing no food 2-3 hrs before bed eat slowly/ chew throughly
s/s of obstruction abd bleeding N/V
s/s PUD Epigastric tenderness midline between umbilicus and xiphiod process dyspepsia H-PYLORI positive
Zolilnger-Elilson syndrome Upper GI tract ulceration Increased gastric acid secretion Diarrhea Hpylori negative resection is a curative treatment
diagnostic test for GERD 24 hr ambulatory esophageal PH monitoring
mechanical obstructions causes (10) adhesions appendicitis complications fecal impaction fibrosis hernia intussusception strictures tumors volvulus vascular d/o's
s/s of non-mechanical obstructions (5) constant diffuse discomfort diminished bowel sounds distention vomiting of gastric contents obstipation
s/s of mechanical obstruction (5) abd distention intermittant colicky pain obstipation ribbon like stools borborygymi
S/S of UC UC me bloody 10-20 liquid stools begins at rectum
S/S of Chrohns (7) Cobblestones and fistulas remissions and exacerbations severe diarrhea terminal ilem 5-6 loose stools (non-bloody) malabsorption anemia
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