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The one made by Dot ze unicorn

What makes up an atom? Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons.
What is a Proton? A part of an atom that stays in the middle as the nucleus with the neutrons and has a positive charge.
What is a Neutron? A part of an atom that stays in the middle as the nucleus with the protons and has a neutral charge (no charge at all).
What is a Electron? A part of an atom that orbits(circles)around the protons and electrons in the middle.
What is a circuit? A closed loop that electrons an travel in.
What are the 4 touch points that are needed to light a bulb? 1. The north end (positive end) 2. The south end (negative end) 3.The brass threaded end (the side of the base) 4.The contact end (the bottom of the bulb)
Do opposites attract? (You probably know this already but still) Yup
What are the 2 kinds of electricity? Static and current electricity.
What is static electricity? When electrons move or “Jump” for a very short distance.
What is current electricity? Current electricity is when electrons are continuously moving through the wire.
What are the 2 common circuits? Series and parallel circuits.
What are series circuits? When the light bulbs are connected in a row, 1 after another, forming only one path for the electrons to take. If any 1 of the bulbs are burned out, the current will not flow and no light will go on.
What are parallel circuits? When each light bulb forms a separate path for the electrons to follow. A single electric power source supplies all the lights and appliances with the same voltage. If 1 light burns out, the current can still flow through the lights.
What is a filament? A fine, coiled wire made of a tough metal called tungsten.
What is a conductor? Any material that allows electrons to flow easily through it. For ex. anything metal and water.
What is a insulator? Any material that does not allow electrons to flow through it. For ex. wood and plastic.
What makes an atom unbalanced? When the # of protons isn’t the same as the electrons.
What makes an atom balanced? When there is the same amount of protons there is neutrons
Created by: colordeer