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Unit 3 Minerals

Test on October 28, 2015

Elements An element is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical means.
Bohr Model 1st energy level is two, cannot go above 8
Ore Is a rock that contains high enough concentrarions of a desired substance, such as metal, so it can be mined for a profit.
Hardness How easily a mineral scratches materials.
Mineral Charaistics Color, crystal shape, clevage/fracture, luster, hardness, streak, specific gravity.
Streak The color of the powdered form of the mineral.
Fracture Minerals that break at random with rough or jagged edges.
Cleavage Minerals break along smooth, flat surfaces and every fragment has the same general shape.
Color Visible color of the mineral. (Least reliable test.)
Gemstone A gemstone is a rare and attractive mineral tha can be worn such as jewlery.
Minerals A mineral is a naturally occuring, inorganic solid, with a crystal shape that repeatrs itself, and a definite chemical composition (elements always the same.)
Density A specific gravity, attraction to gravity, bending of light, smell and taste. Formula for density: mass/volume.
Solid All minerals are solids. A solid matter with tightly packed atoms or irons that has a definite shape and volume.
Luster Surface reflection
Metallic Luster Shiny like metal
Nonmetallic luster Dull, non-shiny surface.
Native Element a mineral made up of only one element and uses its ame such as iron.
Iron (Fe) it is the main element in steel, which is used in buildinigs and vehicles.
Crystaline form Particles that dissolve in a liquid, Melted materials solidify and form crystals.
Bauxite The most abundant metallic mineral resources.
Silicate (Si) must have silicon and oxygen.
Non Silicate Dose not have silicon and oxygen.
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