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Science ch 4

lesson 2

what is the role of blood vessels carry blood away from the heart, exchanges wastes and materials, and carry blood back to the heart.
Arteries carry blood to body, branch into smaller arteries
Coronary Arteries carry blood to the heart itself from the aorta, and to the organs
Epithaical Tissue inner layer, enables blood flow
Smooth Tissue middle layer, relaxes and contracrts allowing arteries to widen and narrow
Connnective Tissue outer layer, allows arteries to withstand the force of pumping blood
What rus through the tissue of the body blood vessels
Capilaries wastes and materials are exchaned,pass easily from the blood, through the capilary walls, and into the body cells, only has epithelial cells, one type is diffusion
Diffusion molecules move from and area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
Veins blood enters here and goes back to the heart, thinner than arteries
What causes blood pressure the force with which ventricles contract
Blood Pressure force exerted by blood against the walls of blood vessles
Created by: Ella!