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Terms and difinitions

alliteration the constant sounds in words with the same sound
antangonist society or inner conflict
antomym a word that is different from another
author's purpose why did the auther write it
autobiography the story of a person's life
biography the story of a persons life by another person
cause and effect cause statement and effects are what happened
characterization the method the auther uses
climax the turning point of a story
compare and contrast compare show similarities and contrast is differences
conclusion the end of a reading
conflict strougle between forces
connections text to self world and self
context clues inform within the reading selection
dialogue the words a person speakes
eveluate to examin and judge
exposition test text writen to expiane
fable a narrative intended
fact vs opinion it is something that can be proven
falling action the part of the story following the climax
fiction any story that is the product
figurative language fake language
flashback an thing that happened in the past
foreshadowing a writing technique that gives clues
generalazations when you make assumptions
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