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Massage Assessment

Assessment of Soft Tissue Conditions

ASSESMENT aid in identifying stage of healing,better at ruling out than identifying specific tissues involved in injury, determines if massage is appropriate
special tests tests specific tissues for specific types of injury
order of physical assesment tests postural assesment, arom,prom,mlt,rit,special tests,palpation
muscle pain cramping,dull,aching,hard to localize
ligament,joint capsule pain dull, aching
bone pain deep, nagging, dull
fracture pain sharp, severe
vascular pain throbbing,difuse, hard to localize,reffered
nerve root pain sharp,bright,lightning like
terminal nerve pain sharp, bright, lightning-like
autonomic nerve pain burning, pressure-like, stinging, aching
acute pain arom>pain felt thru most of rom, rom severely limited Prom>pain felt thru most of rom,rom severly limmited, end feel> empty,early muscle spasm
sub-acute pain arom>pain felt near limit of rom, near normal rom,prom-passive movements that stress injured structure are limmited & painful, end feel >late muscle spasm means instability in joints
chronic pain arom>nearly or normal rom, pain free, may be fibrosis restriction, end feel > late muscle spasm may mean instability to joint
special test for plantar fascitis dorsiflexion of ankle, extension of toes, palpation of fascia, especially at calcaneal attachment,fdl
specail test for achilles tendonitis passive dorsiflexion, resisted plantar with palpation of tendon
Created by: sarahnyc79