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Visual Latin L22

Visual Latin 1 - Lesson 22

ille fluvius that river
illius fluvii of that river
illa insula that island
illius insula of that island
illae insulae those islands
illarum insularum of those islands
illud oppidum that town
in illo oppido in that town
illi oppido to that town
illi pueri those boys
iste puer that boy of yours
ista puella that girl of yours
iste liber that book of yours
adoro, adorare he, she, or it goes toward, approach
difficilis, is difficult
discedo, discidere to leave
edo, edere to eat
maneo, manere to stay
mecum with me
revenio, revenire to return
rideo, ridere to laugh
uxor, uxoris (f) wife
verbum, i (n) word, verb
habebit he, she, or it will have
inquit he, she, or it says
anno post a year later
reveniam I will return
surgo, surgere to stand up
senex, senis old