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what is electron an electron has a negative charge
what is a proton a proton has a positive charge
what is a neutron neutrons have a neutral charge
what is a circuit it is a loop or circle
how to make a circuit 1. the north end of the battery [positive end]. 2. the south end of the battery [ negative end ]. 3. the brass threaded end of the base]. 4. the contact point on the bottom of the light bulb.
what does electricity go though easily water
what is an atom made out of neutrons,protons,electrons
what are balanced and unbalanced atoms in a balanced atom the # of protons equals the # of electrons in an unbalanced atom,they are not equal
what is the moving part of an atom the electrons
who was the first to writ about electricity and how many years ago a Greek philosopher about 2500 years ago
what is a filament the filament is a fine, coiled wire made of a though metal called tungsten
what are the parts of a light bulb tungsten , filament ,glass covering , screw base
what is a conductor and insulator a conductor lets electricity go through it [electrons] ex. water,metal anything metal an insulator does not allow electricity go through it ex. wood
Created by: ewaqar