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Science Midterm


Allergies a response to various foreign substances that set off a series of reactions in the body.
Allergen any substance that causes an allergy is called an allergen
Histamine chemical responsible for symptoms of allergy.
Diabetes pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or the bodys cells cant use it properly
effects of Diabetes (if untreated) lose weight, feel weak, be hungry all the time, frequent urination. long term effects include blindness, kidney failure, heart disaease
Type I Diabetes pancreas produces little or no insulin.
Type II Diabetes pancreas does not make enough insulin, or body cells do not respond normally to insulin
Cancer cells multiply uncontrollably, over and over, destroying healthy tissue in proccess.
causses of cancer inheritance, factors in enviroment like tar and sunlight
carcinogen causses of cancer
cancer treatment surgery, drugs, radiation
cancer prevention avoid carcinogens, have regular medical checkups
Created by: dristongalvao