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Ecce Romani Ch. 5

adhūc still
adveniō, advenīre, advēnī to arrive, reach
arripiō, arripere, arripuī, arreptus to grab, snatch
auxilium, ī help
clāmor, clamoris (m) shout, noise
diēs day
egō I
calidus, a, um hot
eam her
eum him
eōs them
errō, errāre, errāvī, errātus to wander, make a mistake
excipiō, excipere, excēpī, exceptus to receive, welcome
exeō, exīre, exiī or exīvī to go out
frīgidus, a, um cold
ibi there
ignāvus, a, um cowardly, lazy
lupus, ī wolf
nōlō, nōlle, nōluī to not want
neque...neque neither...nor
petō, petere, petīvī, petītus to seek,look for, attack
potest he, she, it is able
repellō, repellere, reppulī, repūlsus to drive off, push back
perterritus, a, um frightened, terrified
prope (+ accusative) near
respondeō, respondēre, respondī to respond, reply
salvus, a, um safe
rīvus, i (m) stream
si if
statim immediately
temerārius, a, um reckless, brash
timeō, timēre, timuī to fear, be afraid
veniō, venīre, vēnī to come
vōlō, velle, voluī to want
vult he, she, it wants
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