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Body Structure

Procedures and Abbreviations

assessment technique that involves the gentle tapping of a structure percussion
type of biopsy in which the entire lesion is removed excisional
panel of blood tests used as a broad screening test for anemias, infections, and other diseases CBC
removal of a part, pathway, or function by surgery, chemical destruction, or other techniques. ablation
visual examination of a cavity or canal using a special lighted instrument endoscopy
imaging technique that directs x-rays to a fluorescent screen and displays "live" images on a monitor fluoroscopy
establishing the nature and cause of a disease Dx
destroy tissue by electricity, freezing, heat, or corrosive chemicals cauterize
surgery to compensate or correct a previously performed surgery revision
imaging procedure that uses radio waves and strong magnetic field to produce images MRI
surgical joining of two ducts, vessels, or bowel segments anastomosis
imaging procedure that uses a radioactive material introduced into the body to produce an image nuclear scan
gentle application of hands to evaluate a specific structure of the body palpation
removal of part or all of a structure resection
imaging procedure that generates detailed cross-sectional images that appear as a slice computed tomography