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Immune System

what is the immune system? defense against pathogens
what is the first line of defense skin
epidermis dead outer layer of skin
how does the epidermis protect you? forms a shield against invaders and secretes chemicals that kill potential invadors
how many skin cells do you shed a day? 40-50 thousand
as you breathe in, foreign particles and bacteria bump into and stick to what throughout your respiratory system? mucus
what sweeps mucus into the throat for coughing or swallowing? cilia
what are swallowed bacteria broken down by? incredibly strong stomach acids
what is the second line of defense? white blood cells
when do white blood cells attack invaders? when they get into the body
when will white blood cells enter the body's tissues? if invaders are detected
once engulfed the phagocyte breaks the foreign particles apart into organelles called_____? lysosomes
how do white blood cells eat foreign particles by engulfing them
what are t cells sometimes called natural killer
what chemicals do injured cells release histamines
what to histamines begin inflammatory response
what is the third line of defense anitbodies
what are antibodies proteins that latch onto foreign bacteria
each antibody binds only to...... one specific binding site on the cell wall of bacteria or capsid of virus.
what kind of immune system cells can antibodies attach to? B cells
b cells produce more antibodies that will locate and attach to harmful bacteria
what do antibodies do when they bind to bacteria? tag them so macropahges can come and kill
how can white blood cells locate bacteria cells? when they have antibodies on them
t cells identify bacteria or parts of it and find b cells to help
new particles take..... longer to identify and a person can remain ill until an antibody is made
what does it mean to be immune? bacteria is recognized and antibodies stop you from ever getting sick from it again
active immunity you produce the antibodies
vaccine weakened pathogen put into body to produce immunity
passive immunity you don't produce the antibodies
what organ will a mother pass immunities from to her baby during pregnancy? umbilical cord
allergies immune system mistake harmless foreign particle as serious threat
what blocks the effect of histamines? anti-histamines
are antibiotics the same as antibodies? NO
how do most antibiotics work? interferring with the making of cell wall, proteins, or nucleic acids
what can damge good bacteria? overuse of antibiotics
broad spectrum antibiotics work on many different bacteria
a __________ in the bacteria can change the cell wall or internal chemistry so antibiotics can't stop replication mutation
how to misuse antibiotics not completing prescribed course, using unprescribed antibiotics
Created by: edenbreslauer