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Comp 15

Chapter 13 vocab

automated dispensing technology Electronic storage cabinets or robotics that secure medications and dispence the to nurses or other caregivers.
auxiliary prescription lable A lable affixed to a drug product that alerts users to special handling or administrative concerns.
centralized dispensing automation Technology that assists in the selection and dispencing of drug products that are located in a central location, such as the pharmacy, and that can include robotics and carousels that use bar code scanning to select and label drug products for patients
computer physician order entry (CPOE) The entering of patient orders directly into a computer system.
decentralized automation system Drug distribution devices placed in patient care areas.
electronic medication administration record (eMAR) A component of the computerized patient medical record in which nurses and other healthcare providers document times and dates when a medication was administered to the patient.
medication administration recored (MAR) A component of the paper patient medical record in which nurses and other healthcare providers document times and dates when a medication was administered to the patient.
medication order A written, electron, telephone, or verbal request for a patient medication in an important setting.
mnemonic A shorthanded name for a drug product that facilitates faster computer data entry.
patient identification number A unique code that identifies a given patient (for example, a medical record number) or a patient and specified adminisson date (for example, an account number).
patient profile A list of information about a patient, including name, identification number, birth date, lab values, admitting and secondary diagnoses, room and bed number, names of admitting and consulting physicians, medication history, and clinical comments.
primary prescription label A label, affixed to a dispensed drug product, that contains legally requiered information, including pharmacy info, patient info, drug info and instructions, sequential prescription number, and lot number.
STAT Abbreviation of the Latin word statim, meaning immediately; commonly used on medication orders to indicate the need for a drug right away.
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