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Cylakes w. geo test

Cy Lakes W. Geo Latin AM Test

name given to the grassy, treeless plains of Columbia and Venezuela llanos
cattle grazing areas is known for its gaucho culture pampas
what has contributed to deforestation of the Amazon rain forest clearing of land for hardwoods, farming, and cattle
the Incas, Myans, and the Aztecs are considered cultural hearths because ideas diffused from theer civilizations
the Incas developed terrace farming and irrigation in the Andes Mountains. What theme of geography is that HEI
payment of debt for protection of part of the rain forest debt for nature swap
Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese
promotes trade between Mexico-US and Canada Nafta
war, religious persecution, and poor living condition are examples of push factors
a factory in Mexico that assembles imported materials into finished goods for exports Maquilladoras
how did European colonization impact latin America brought Spanish language and Catholicism to Latin America
a variety of latitudes abd landforms causes a wide variety of _______ in Latin America climates
The Panama connects which two bodies of water Atlantic Ocean abd Pacific Ocean
the Panama Canal helped trade in North America by? Shortening the trip from NY and San Francisco
The mountain range in the western part of South America is called Andes Mts
the major river system in South America Amazon Basin
the Incas are the cultural hearth in what country of Latin America Peru
In Latin Ameirca the variety of elevtions effect the types of _______ that can be grown crops
the Columbian Exchange between Europe and the Americas is an example of spatial diffussion
Jamacian music that deals with social problems reggae
a festival in Brazil where people come together in the streets and dance the samba Carnival
Geography is the study of the distribution and interaction of Earth's _____ and ______ features physical and human
a port city where many resources are imported and exported is called a break of bulk center
goods found in the Amazon rainforest are at what level of the four economic sectors primary
why was Panama chosen as the place to build the canal? it was the narrowest place to connect the two oceans
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