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Heroides 1 Synchysis

phrase matching

Troia Danais invisa puellis Troy hateful to Greek girls (Synch)
obrutus insanis adulter aquis The adulterer swamped by insane waves (Synch)
ego deserto frigida lecto I, cold on a frigid bed (Synch)
viduas pendula tela manus The hanging garment/my widowed hands (Chia)
solliciti plena timoris amor love, full of worrisome fear (Synch)
Antilochus nostri causa timoris Antilochus, the cause of my fear (Synch)
quisquis castris iugulatus Achivis anyone slaughtered in the Argive camp (Synch)
casto deus aequus amori the god who favors chaste love (Chia)
ad patrios barbara praeda deos barbarian spoils to the homeland's gods (Chia)
posita fera proelia mensa wild battles on the outstretched table (Chia)
exiguo Pergama tota mero All of Troy in a little wine (Synch)
Priami regia celsa senis The high palace of Old Man Priam (Chia)
hic somno proditus, ille dolo this one betrayed by sleep, that one by trickery (Synch)
virque mihi dempto fine carendus my husband, to be missed without end (Chia)
diruta aliis, uni mihi Pergama Troy, destroyed for others, (remains) for me alone (Chia)
digitis charta notata meis a map scribbled on by my fingers (Chia)