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Whole Skull

Calotte top part of neurocranium (usually cut away to reveal endocranium)
Calvarium (neurocranium) cranium without the face (braincase)
Face (splanchnocranium) facial skeleton
Orbits eye sockets
Anterior nasal aperture (piriform aperture) the hole between and below the orbits (nose hole)
Posterior nasal aperture in back of throat?
Zygomatic arch thin, bony bridges at the sides of the skull
Temporal fossa holes in temporal lobe (big holes behind the zygomatic arch)muscle for chewing basses through here to attach to mandible
External auditory meatus ear holes
Mastoid process attachment side for many muscles of headprojection next to external auditory meatus
Coronal suture “crown” suture
Frontal eminences (frontal tubers, bosses) bumps on frontal lobe
Sagittal suture looks like arrowsuture which divides parietal bones
Parietal eminences (parietal tubers, bosses) where bone began to ossify on parietal bones
Squamosal suture “plate”unlike other suturesno interdigitationbeveled edge
Lambdoidal suture suture at back between parietal and occipital
Lambdoidal ossicle (Wormian bone) wormian bones are irregular ossicles occurring along sutures
Foramen lacerum “lacy” marginnot true foramenformed by architecture of occipital, sphenoid, temporal bone
Foramen magnum large oval hole in the base of the skull
Anterior cranial fossa front fossa on endocranial surface of skull (looking into skull)
Middle cranial fossa middle fossa on endocranial surface of skull (looking into skull)
Posterior cranial fossa back fossa on endocranial surface of skull (looking into skull)
Sinuses (frontal, ethmoidal, maxillary, sphenoidal) look for these sinuses
Created by: AdamJFLA