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Aulus Gellius One

Aulus Gellius List One Vocabulary Cards

Fera Wild beast
Coma Hair, mane
Taberna Shop
Harena Sand filled arena
Vestigium Paw pad, paw print, tracks
Membrum Body limb
Lorum Leather leash, reins
Aes Bronze
Cruor Blood, slaughter, gore
Murmur Murmur, whimper, growl
Immanitas Vast size
Fremitus Roaring
Ritus Way, manner
Specus Cave
Victus Food
Impetus An attack
Sonorus Loud
Exanimatus Unconscious
Iniquus Not equal
Cotidianus Daily
Tenuis Thin, fine
Flagrans Scorching
Atrox Fierce
Sicco To dry
Donare To give
Haereo To stick
Obtineo To hold on to
Concedo To withdraw to
Porrigo To stretch out
Revello To pull out
Penitus Within
Paulatim Gradually, a little at a time
Leniter Gently
Repente Suddenly
Created by: 18barkea