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Chapter 1 Vocab

Effector response Action that occurs after recognition and binding of antigen by antibody; lysis by complement proteins is an effector response
Memory response The attribute of the immune system mediated by memory cells whereby a second encounter with an antigen induces a heightened state of immunity.
Innate immunity Nonspecific host defenses that exist prior to exposure to an antigen and involve anatomic, physiologic, endocytic and phagocytic, and inflammatory mechanisms
Adaptive immunity Host defenses that are mediated by B and T cells following exposure to antigen and that exhibit specificity, diversity, memory, and self-nonself recognition.
Vaccine A preparation of immunogenic material used to induce immunity against pathogenic organisms
Attenuate To decrease virulence of a pathogen and render it incapable of causing disease. Many vaccines are attenuated bacteria or viruses that raise protective immunity without causing harmful infection.
Serum Fluid protion of the blood, which is free of cells and clotting factors
Created by: Rosanne