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14 - Wenham 13b

Verbs You'll Encounter in Exercises

he was receiving παρελαμβανεν
they (neuter)were hearing / he was hearing ηκουεν
they were (I was) obeying ύπηκουον
he was teaching εδιδασκεν
you (pl) were believing επιστευετε
he was reading ανεγινωσκεν
he was opening ηνοιγεν
he was departing ύπηγεν
he was throwing out εξεβαλλεν
they were (I was) offering προσεφερον
we used to weep εκλαιομεν
we were prophesying επροφητευομεν
it was recognizing επεγινωσκεν
we used to bring (offer) προσεφερομεν
he used to persecute εδιωκεν
they were (I was ) dying απεθνησκον
he was releasing απελυεν
he used to lead away απηγεν
they (I) used to teach εδιδασκον
they were (I was) departing ύπηγον
they were (I was)carrying εφερον
they (I) used to teach εδιδασκον
you (pl.) were offering προσεφερετε
you (sing.) were obeying ύπηκουες
they were (I was) bringing together συνηγον
we were leading away απηγομεν
he was doing εποιεν
he used to lead ηγεν
you (pl.)were persuading επειθετε
they were (I was) rejoicing εχαιρον
it was abounding επερισσευεν
he was throwing out εξεβαλλεν
we were receiving παρελαμβανομεν
you (pl.) were releasing απελυετε
they were (I was) weeping εκλαιον
they were (I was) dying απεθνησκον
they were (I was) hearing ηκουον
he was opening ηνοιγεν
they were (I was) recognising επεγινωσκον
he was pursuing εδιωκεν
Created by: Koine Greek
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