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Cells Chapter1Vocab


Metabolism Blank is another characteristic of living things.
Ingestion Placing food in your mouth.
Digestion The breaking down of food
Respiration The process which living things take in oxygen .
Excretion The process of getting rid of waste materials.
Life span Blank is the maximum length of time a particular organism can be expected to live.
Stimulus A blank is any change in the environment , or surroundings,of an organism that produces a response by that organism.
Response A blank is some action, movement, or change in behavior of the organism
Sexual Reproduction Blank is usually done by two Male and Female parents to make another Human Being.
Asexual Living things that reproduce by itself
Food edible items
Water Liquid that keeps you alive
Homeostasis Blank is the ability of an organism to keep conditions inside its body the same, even though conditions in its external environment change.
Elements An blank is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into any simpler substances by ordinary means.
Organic compound Most of the compunds in living things contain carbon ,which is usually combined with other gases and create a compound called Blank
Carbohydrates Blank are made of the elements carbon,hydrogen,and oxygen
Fat Oils Another group of energy rich compounds made of carbon,hydrogen,and oxygen are fats and oils.
Proteins Like carbohydrates and fats, blank are organic compounds made up of carbon,hydrogen,and oxygen.
Amino Acids The building blocks of proteins are blank
Enzymes A special type of protein that regulates chemical activities within the body is called an blank
Nucleic Acids :Do you remember the “Blueprints” of life we discussed earlier in this chapter?These blueprints are organic chemicals called blank acids.
Dna Blank also carries “messages” about an organism that are passed from parent to offspring.
Rna Blank “reads” the message carried by dna and guides the protein making process
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