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Science Test 10/20

Science test for second nine weeks.

What is the simplest sugars? Glucose or C H O 6 12 6
What is Glycogen? a carbohydrate found stored in liver and muscles of animals and can be converted back to glucose.
What is found in exoskeletons of arthropods, or lobster etc.,? Chitin
What is the main function of carbohydrates? What are the others? To supply energy at a fast rate. Long Term energy storage make cell walls and membranes Compounds of DNA or RNA
What does ATP stand for and what is it? Adenosine Triphosphate and is a stored energy.
What is the most complex carbohydrate? Starch.
What are the four organic compounds? Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic Acids
What carbohydrate is found in a plant cell? cellulose
What is made of fatty acids and glycerol? Lipids
What are the main functions of Lipids? Supply energy at a slow rate Insulation of organs cushions skin used to make new cell membranes
What are the 4 types of Lipids? fats(solid), Oils(liquids), wax(found on plants and fruits), Steroids
What makes up cell membranes? Phospholipids
Is the head of molecule hydrophilic or hydrophobic? Hydrophilic
Which is the tail? Hydrophilic or Hydophobic? Hydrophobic
What is it called when a ball is formed when phospholipids is placed in water? Micelle
Proteins are made of? Amino acids
What are Nucleic acids made of? nucleotides
What is the "code of life" or "master blueprint"? DNA
Nucleotides consists of? Phosphate, sugar(deoxyribose or ribose), And nitrogen containing bases
What are the functions of Proteins? Support collagen to give frame to animal tissue carry oxygen (red blood cells) defend the body(antibodies) carry information to various parts of the body(Hormones) speed up or slow down chemical reactions(Enzymes) growth and repair o cells
What are the two types of Nucleic acids? DNA and RNA
What does DNA do? instructions for making protein genetic material
What does DNA stand for? deoxyibonucleic acids
What does RNA stand for? Ribonucleic acids
What does RNA do? carries the code of DNA to the ibosomes
2 types of compound? organic or inorganic
Simplest substance made of only 1 kind of atom? element
Two or more elements chemically combined to make a new substance? Compound
Water is an example of which compound? inorganic
Compound containing carbon is? organic
Transfer molecule is tRNA
Messenger molecule is mRNA
Proteins are made from chains of aminoacids
Carbohydrates are made from chains of gulcose molecules
If molecules are going from low concentration to higher concentrations and requires energy to do so, what is i called Active transport
If molecules are going from high concentration to lower concentrations and doesn't requires energy to do so, what is it called Diffusion or Passive trasport
What is the special word for the diffusion of water? Osmosis
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