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Ecosytems Guide

Quiz quiestions on thursday

Why did we put water plants in our aquiriums? 1: they add beauty to our world2:Food for fish and snails3: Shelter and protection4: Healthy exchange of gasses
What is a short description for Algae? microscopic and green
What is a short description for Elodea? has a stem, inasive and adaptive
What is a short description for duckweed? tiny, floating, has fronds
What are the characteristics of ALL the fish? Gills, scales, lateral line, fins
How can you tell if your mosquito fish is male or female? MALE >>> slim bodyFEMALE >>> larger, preganat has gravit spot, swollen abdomen
What is the niche of the snails in your aquirium? They are scavengers >>> Eat dead and decaying matter
What is the meaning of a producer mean? To be a producer you have to photosynthisize
What does photosythisize mean? To make your own food with using the sun.
What is the meaning of a consumer? a thing that eats another thing. ( a thing that consumes it or eats it.)
What is an inderdependant relationship? A relationshipwhere one thing bennefits from the other thing such as a living and non living kingdom
Created by: shara232