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Body (corpus) thick bony part that anchors the teeth
Vertical (ascending) ramus lateral sides
Mental protuberance (mental eminence) bump on chin
Mental symphysis midline of mandibular bone (on chin)
Incisive fossa above chin, big ditch
Mental foramen big holes on ectocranium, located on either side of the chin
Alveolar border (alveolar process) where teeth are rooted
Gonial angle rounded back of jaw (at bottom of mandible)
Coronoid process sharp, jutting, tooth-like process on either side
Condyle rounded, articulation point of jaw (most superior point on either side)
Sigmoid notch also known as mandibular notch, it is the large notch between the condyl and the coronoid process
Mylohyoid line pretty thin, looks like line—ridge which juts out from endocranial surface
Mylohyoid groove groove on endocranial surface which runs from the edge of the mandibular foramen
Mental spines little spines located on endo surface near midline
Mandibular foramen hole on endo surface (on vertical ramus)
Lingual sharp process poking out above mandibular foramen
Created by: AdamJFLA