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Body thick part of bone along the midline of the body
Greater wings biggest wings which go furthest from midline
Lesser wings thin wings above the greater wings
Pterygoid process bottom “wings”
Optic foramen passes below lesser wings—very large, circular foramen
Sulcus for the optic nerve in between optic foramen—is where the nerves cross
Ethmoidal spine same as sphenoidal crest thin, crest-like outjutting
Anterior clinoid process look in book (really easy to see)
Posterior clinoid process look in book (really easy to see)
Tuberculum sellae (sella turcica)
Hypophyseal fossa fossa between the anterior and posterior clinoid processes
Dorsum sellae
(hypophyseal fossa + dorsum sellae sella turcica)
Superior orbital fissure large, fissure like opening under the lesser wings—first of the 4 openings in order
Foramen rotundum round foramen—second of the 4 openings in order
Foramen ovale oval foramen—third of the 4 openings in order
Foramen spinosum small, round foramen—fourth of the 4 openings in order
Pterygoid canal at the root of the pterygoid process
Lateral pterygoid plate outside plates of process
Medial pterygoid plate inside plates of process
Pterygoid fossa ditch in between laterial and medial pterygoid plate
Pterygoid fissure fissure in bone leading up to pterygoid canal
Hamulus hooks at bottom of medial pterygoid plates
Clivus slight endocranial hollow that slopes posteriorly from the dorsum sellae toward the sphenooccipital suture
Rostrum continuation of sphenoidal crest (below sphenoidal crest)
Sphenoidal crest same as ethmoidal spine?
Orbital surfaces self explanatory
Created by: AdamJFLA