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Temporal Bone

Squama (squamous portion) flat part above zygomatic process
Petrous pyramid dense, bony part – if you look at it from a side view, it looks like a pyramid (maybe?) (look at picture from webcamera)
Mastoid process sort of rounded, triangular shaped process that is fairly prominent—kind of rough surface
Groove for the middle temporal artery pretty prominent groove located right above mastoid process
External auditory meatus huge opening for ear canal which is located right beneath end of zygomatic process
Styloid process really thin, sharp bony projection
Vaginal process this is sort of a ridge above the styloid that ensheaths the base of the styloid process
Zygomatic process part of zygomatic process located on temporary bone
Articular eminence look at figure in book – it is a bump that is found along the back wall which forms the glenoid fossa (not along the wall that forms part of the zygomatic process
Tempromandibular articular fossa (glenoid fossa) depression (fossa is a depression) located right underneath the end of the zygomatic process – very large fossa
Postglenoid process little bump on back wall of the glenoid fossa (sort of same location as articular eminence
Suprameatal crest and supramastoid crest continuations of the zygomatic process which are above their respective parts
Mastoid foramen very very far posterior of mastoid process—all the way at the back of the temporal bone
Parietal notch sort of inpocketing where the parietal bone fits into the temporal bone (wide and diffuse)
Impression for branch of middle meningeal artery located on endocranial surface – single line formed as a result of movement of middle meningeal artery
Internal acoustic meatus large hole on endocranial surface—if you were to pass a thread through from the EAM, you would go through the internal acoustic meatus
Sulcus for the sigmoid sinus very large, wide groove – look at figure in book for placement
Foramen for the internal carotid artery (carotid canal)
Jugular fossa just medial to the base of the styloid process – a very deep fossa, with a hole through the skull
Stylomastoid foramen immediately posterior to the base of the styloid process—pretty easy to see, deep and circular foramen
Digastric groove (mastoid notch) deep groove right next to mastoid process
Occipital groove just medial to mastoid notch, slightly more shallow
Created by: AdamJFLA