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Vocab. 13-16

Latin Vocabulary

captivus captiva captivum prisoner
cena cenae f dinner
singuli singulae singula one at a time
moveo movere movi motus to move
voco vocare vocavi vocatus to call
a ab +abl away from
de +abl down from
e ex +abl out from
ager agri m field
fillius filii m son
magister magistri m teacher
puer pueri m boy
vir viri m man
amicus amica amicum friendly
liber libera liberum free
noster nostra nostrum our
sacer sacra sacrum sacred
animus animi m mind
colonus coloni m settler
habito habitare habitavi habitatus to live
migro migrare migravi migraturus to depart
sum esse fui futurus to be
in +acc. into
annus anni m year
barbarus barbari m foreigner
castra castrorum n camp
consilium consilii n plan
frumentum frumenti n grain
praemium praemii n reward
signum signi n sign
barbarus barbara barbarum foreign
evoco evocare evocavi evocatus to call out
Created by: dletts