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dense tightly packed in The crowd was so dense, it was impossible to move down the street.
deplete to use up Brenda owns so many cats that she is going to deplete the pet store’s supply of cat food.
eclipse to overshadow or surpass Her acting ability will eclipse those of her peers in no time because she rehearses all day.
eerie weird, scary or creepy The abandoned orphanage was especially eerie at night.
effect a result or consequence The effect of not taking the garbage out was the loss of my weekly allowance.
esteem to honor or think of highly Mr. Stewart esteemed his students for their honesty when they told him he had given out a test with the answers printed on the back.
excel to outdo or surpass; to be extremely talented at My sister will try to excel at her new job in hopes of getting a raise in salary or a promotion.
futile useless It was futile for my mom to try to talk her way out of her speeding ticket with the policeman.
hazardous dangerous or risky Many firefighters enter hazardous situations in order to save victims from burning buildings.
influence to sway or affect Whenever Grady baby-sits his little sister, he always tries to influence her to go to bed early by giving her candy.
monotonous having very little variety; staying the same; boring Working on an assembly line was a very monotonous job for Eddie who liked to be active and outside.
prominent well-known or noticeable Dumbo is a prominent cartoon character, and his ears are his most prominent feature.
quest a search or pursuit The pirates were on a quest for gold treasure.
solar relating to the sun My parents put solar panels on our roof to help our pool stay heated.
unique one of a kind The insect that I captured was so unique that biologists from three different countries were contacting me about it.
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