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vocab CI#2

vocab from CI#1 and CI#2

Alkali Metals located in group I physical properties soft, silvery, most reactive, only found combined with other elements
Alkaline Earth Metals located in group II physical properties hard, bright white, good conductors chemical properties very reactive, only found combined with other elements
Chemical Reaction a process in which the starting substance (reactants) change into new substances (products)
Chemistry the branch of science that deals with matter, the properties of matter, the properties of matter, and the way in which matter interacts
Chemical Properties a characteristic of a substance that determines how it interacts with other substances
Chemical Change a change in matter that produces a new substance
Chemically: Reactive or "Reactive" combines with other substances to form new substances
Element a substance that cannot be broken into simpler substances by chemical or physical processes
Forms Compounds two or more elements join together to form a new substance
Group/Family vertical column on the Periodic Table of elements 18 groups, elements in the same group share properties
Halogen Groups located in the group XVII chemical properties very reactive, dangerous to humans
Mixture two or more substances mixed together
Metals elements that display metallic properties physical properties hard, shiny, malleable (bendable), ductile, high melting points, solid at room temperature chemical properties wide range of reactivity
Metalloids elements that have some characteristics of both metals and nonmetals physical properties conducts electricity under certain conditions chemical properties often combines with oxygen
Nonmetals elements that do not display metallic properties physical properties dull, brittle, low boiling points, lower densities chemical properties readily form compounds, gain or share electrons
Noble Gases located in group XVIII chemical properties stable, nonreactive, usually don't form compounds
Products a substance produced in a chemical reaction
Property a characteristic of a substance
Physical Property a characteristic of a substance that can be observed without chemically changing the substance
Physical Change a change in the appearance of a substance, but a new substance is not created
Precipitate the solid that is left after a liquid evaporates
Periodic Table a way to organize the elements based on atomic number of elements: and chemical property (from the simplest element to the most complex)
Reactants a starting substance(s) in a chemical reaction
Substance a type of matter defined by a unique (one of a kind) particle
State or Phase of Matter the form in which matter exists can be: solid, liquid, gas
Transition Metals located in group III-XII physical properties hard, shiny, good conductors chemical properties fairly stable, reacts slowly or not at all with air/water
Created by: riya524