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Management Final

Team Nursing; Define? Team nursing is when groups of patients are assigned to a nursing team headed by a team leader(RN) that coordinates care.
Primary Nursing; Define? Primary nursing is when one nursing plans care for a 24-hr period. This puts RN back at the bedside and cuts off fragmentation of nursing shifts.
Evidence Based Practice; best describes and activities necessary? integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. The steps in applying is 1.Defining the problem. 2. Identify the data. 3.Design a plan. 4.Implement the change.
Patient Focused Care; Define and Examples? The RN has a fuller range of care for the pt. The RN takes over the duties that a phlebotomy has. Task can be delegated however under the supervision of the RN. Examples are lab, dietary, pharmacy and phlebotomy.
Diagnostic- Related Groups; Purpose? This is how insurance calculates payment based of the pt's diagnosis. Any new diagnosis that occurs while pt is in the hospital(pneumonia, ulcers, bed sores) will not be reimbursed by the insurance company.
Healthcare Economics; Define? Incorporating nursing into budgeting. Nurses should know this so they can import nurses values with budgeting.
Rand Health Experiment? a theory that demonstrated that low copay would mean higher healthcare services being used by the public.
Nursing Fiscal Responsibility to Client? the nurse uses the most cost- efficient combination of resource to maximize the health benefit tot he pt. Understand how medicare insurance works, early discharge planning, community resources, and receiving the care they need.
Nursing Fiscal Responsibility to the Employing Institution? providing quality care, by prioritizing time, understanding DRGS, documenting appropriately, using supplies correctly and taking breaks to prevent burnout.
Budget Vocabulary words; Revenue, Expense and Margin? Revenue: the amount of income coming into the hospital. Expense: the cost to produce a product. Margin: The profit made.
Types of Budgeting? 1.Capital: each unit sends a list of needs, all the needs from the hospital are prioritized. 2.Operating: estimates how much money will be used on a day to day basis in each unit. 3.Personnel: budget used for staffing purposes.
The Joint Commission; Goals? identify pt using 2 identifiers, prevent ulcers, falls and nonsocial infection. Safety with medication and infusion pumps. Improve the effectiveness in communication and improve knowledge about change.
Sentinel Events; Example? Is when the unexpected happens and it has to be investigated. Examples: medication errors, drug reactions, blood transfusion reactions, wrong surgical site, and infant abduction.
Root Cause Analysis; Define? process to figure out all errors that occurred for the sentinel event to occur and creating a method to prevent the error from occurring again.
Ergonomic Hazard; Prevention? Physical factor that harms the musculoskeletal system, mainly shoulders and back. Prevent by using appropriate assistive device, warm up/stretching before starting their work day, frequent switching between sitting/standing.
Client Classification System; Purpose? client classification is based on nursing hours per patient per day. purpose is to determine workload.
Work place violence; Frequency and Escalating Behaviors? Frequency; second leading cause of death, at least 80% or more has experienced some form of violence. some of the escalating behaviors are pacing, raising fist, use of foul language and use of threats.
Environmental Hazards; needle stick, agency and agency requirements? needlestick exposes risk of blood borne pathogens. OSHA has developed Needlestick safety and Prevention Act that requires the use of safer devices and reporting the brand, device, work area and how the incident occurred.
Case Manager; purpose and tools? purpose is to inform the pt about their disease, TX plan and why it is important. Enable clients to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. tools are clinical pathway and disease management protocol.
Quality Improvement; barriers and example? primary barrier is cost and nurses unwilling to change styles of practice. examples are cutting cost from supplies or nursing staff or informing the nurses about change and why it should happen.
DMAIC; steps. 1.Define the problem, goal and cause. 2.Measure the exsisting process with metrics. 3.Analyze the gap between process and goal. 4.Improve the exsisting process. 5.Control and sustain the new process.
Internet Sites and Nursing? Purpose is to help pts evaluate the resources they use by using CARS check off list. C:Credibility- A:Accuracy-correct today R:Reasonable-consistent S:Support-at least 2 of the same website says the same information.
Nursing Informatics; Define, General System Theory, Regulating Agency? Define: nursing and science integrated. General System Theory; organizes parts where no part can stand alone. HIPAA and TJC impact the daily work of every clinician and organization.
Short Staffing? is the cause of sentinel events, increase raise of errors, The Mandatory Overtime Law cannot pass 16hours of overtiem
Magnet Hospital; how to get, who gives it. Magnet hospital is given by the American Nursing Credential Center; given to the hospitals that show Magnet Forces characteristics.
5 Trends of Healthcare? 1.Societal: individual choice. 2.Economic: increase cost. 3.Politcal: health care insurance. 4.Demographic:Aging population 5.Technollogical:Access to information.
Medicare vs Medicaid? Medicare: given 65yo/older. Federally funded. Medicaid: given to indigent(low-income families) population. Part federal/state funded.
HMO vs PP? Health Maintenance Organization: focused on preventative care, and geared towards early intervention. Preferred Provider Organization: focus on low co-pay but strict on hospital/doctors.
Resume? 1.Demographics. 2.Objectives. 3.Education. 4.Work Experience. 5.Reference.
Created by: aneshia