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Pre challenge Latin

Pre challenge

C3 WK 11- rules nouns and pronouns Latin nouns and pronouns have different endings called declensions.
C3 WK 10- rules articles Latin has no translation for articles such as a, an, the.
C1 WK 1- noun cases Nominative-Subject,Genitive- Possessive, Dative- Indirect Object, Accusative- Direct Object, Ablative- Object of the Preposition
C1 WK 3,4,15,16- 1st declension noun endings a, ae, ae, am, ā / ae, ārum, īs, ās, īs
C1 WK 4,5,17,18- 2nd declension noun endings us, ī, ō, um, ō/ ī, ōrum, īs, ōs, īs
C1 WK 7,8,19,20- 3rd declension noun endings Xx, is, ī, em, e / ēs, um, ibus, ēs, ibus
C1 WK 9, 10, 21, 22- 4th declension noun endings us, ūs, uī, um, ū / ūs, uum, ibus, ūs, ibus
C1 WK 11, 12, 23, 24- 5th declension noun endings es, eī -ēī, eī- ēī, em, ē / ēs, ērum, ēbus, ēs, ēbus
C3 WK 7- Nouns #1 Vīta- life, Lūx- light, Homō/hominum- man, Nomen- name
C3 WK 8- Nouns #2 Testimonium- witness, Luminae- light, Johannes- John, Tenibris/tenabrae- darkness
C3 WK 3- Pronouns Hic/hoc- this, Ipso/ipsum- him, Cui- whose, Quod- that, Eam- It, Illum- him
C3 WK 9- Rules, verbs Latin verbs have different endings called conjugations.
C2 WK 1,2,13,14-1st conjugation Present Tense: -ō I -s you -t he/she/it -mus we -tis you -nt they
C2 WK 3,4,14,15- 1st conjugation imperfect tense: -bam I was -bās you were -bat he/she/it was -bāmus we were -bātis you were -bant they were
C2 WK 5,6,17,18-1st conjugation future tense: -bō I shall -bis you will -bit he/she/it will -bimus we shall -bitis you will -bunt they will
C2 WK 7,8,19,20-1st conjugation present perfect tense: Ī I have played istĪ you have played it he/she/it has played imus we have played istis you have played Ērunt they have played
C2 WK 9,10,21,22: 1st conjugation pluperfect tense Eram I had played Erās you had played Erat he/she/it had played Erāmus we had played Erātis you had played Erant they had played
C2 WK 11,12,23,24- 1st conjugation future perfect tense: Erō I shall have played Eris you "" played Erit he/she/it "" played Erimus we "" played Eritis you ""played Erint they will have played
C3 WK 4- Verbs #1: erat-was, sunt-are, est- is, venit-came, perhiberet-bear, crederant- believe
C3 WK 5- Verbs#2: factum-made, missus-sent, comprehendurant- comprehended, lucet- shineth, fuit- there was
C3 WK 1- prepositions In-in, apud- with, per-through, sine- without
C3 WK 2- Conjunctions et-and, ut-that, sed-but
C3 WK 12/13- John 1:1: In principio erat verbum et verbum erat apud deum et deus erat verbum
C3 WK 14- John 1:2: Hoc erat in principio apud deum et deus erat verbum
C3 WK 15/16- John 1:3: Omnia per Ipsum facta sunt
C3 WK 17- John 1:4: : et sine ipso factum est nihil quod factum est
C3 WK 18/19- John 1:5 : et lux in tenebris lucet, et tenebrae eam non comprehendurant
C3 WK 20/21-John 1:6: fuit homo missus a deo cui nomen erat lohannes.
C3 WK 22/24- John 1:7: hic venit in testimonium ut testimonium perhiberet de luminae ut omnes crederant per illum
C3 WK 6- Nouns: Verbum word Deus, Deum, Deo God Principio beginning Omnia, omnes all Nihil nothing
Created by: CHAClarksville