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Lewis and Clark

Discovery Center Field Trip

Who is Thomas Jefferson? President and scientist
Who did we buy the Louisiana Purchase from? France
What is the Corps of Discovery? 35-man army led by Lewis and Clark
What were some jobs of Lewis and Clark? Draw maps, track weather, study Native American tribes
How did Lewis and Clark track their findings? Journals
How did Native Americans survive? As hunters and gatherers
Why don't we know more about the history of Native Americans? They kept no written records
What is Lewis's first name? Meriwether
What is Clark's first name? William
What year did Lewis and Clark explore the West? 1804
How many plants and animals did Lewis and Clark find? 130
Who is Sacagawea? A young Shoshone-Hidasta woman who shared her knowledge
What river did Lewis and Clark make the first map of? Missouri River
What are natural resources? Things found in nature that humans need to survive
What is conservation? Using natural resources wisely; not using them up
What are non-renewable resources? Resources that cannot be replaced within our lifetime if we use them up
What are renewable resources? Resources that nature can replace
What is the Design for Conservation? A law to collect taxes that is dedicated to conservation
Created by: goffteam