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US Government 15

the vocab

bureaucracy A large, complex administrative structure that handles the everyday business of an organization
bureaucrat A person who works for a bureaucratic organization
administration The officials in the executive branch of a government and their policies and principles.
staff agency An agency which supports the chief executive and other administrators by offering advice and other assistance in the management of the organization
line agency an agency which performs the tasks for which the organization exists
Executive Office of the President An organization of several agencies staffed by the President's closest advisers.
federal budget A detailed financial document containing estimates of federal income and spending during the coming fiscal year
fiscal year The 12-month period used by a government and the business world for its record-keeping, budgeting, revenue-collecting, and other financial management purposes.
domestic affairs All matters not directly connected to the real of foreign affairs.
executive departments Often called the Cabinet departments, they are the traditional units of federal administration.
secretary An official in charge of a department of government
attorney general The head of the Department of Justice.
independent agencies Additional agencies created by Congress located outside the Cabinet departments.
independent executive agencies Agencies headed by a single administrator with regional subunits, but lacking Cabinet status.
independent regulatory commissions Independent agencies created by Congress, designed to regulate importat aspects of the natin's economy, largely beyond the reach of presidential control
quasi-legislative Having to do with powers that are to some exten legislative
quasi-judicial Having to do with powers that are to some extent judicial
government corporation Corporations within the executive branch subject to the President's direction and control, set up by Congress to carry out certain business-like activities.
civil service Those civilian employees who perform the administrative work of government.
spoils system The practice of giving offices and other favors of government to political supporters and friends.
patronage The practice of giving jobs to supporters and friends.
register A record or list of names, often kept by an official appointed to do so.
bipartisan Supported by two parties.
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