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Study Guide question


list the 5 kingdoms fungi, bacteria,vertebrates, invertebrates,protists
example of a fungi moss, mushrooms
example of a bacteria germs
example of an invertebrate jellyfish
example of an vertebrate human
example of a protist algae
when an animal changes completely from one stage to the next complete metamorphosis
when an animal looks like an adult when it is born, but just gets bigger direct development
which traits are determined by heredity? eye color, hair color, nose shape
Where do offspring genes come from? Parents, grandparents
Name an animal that goes through direct development cat, dog, spider,etc.
when animals, like snakes, shed their skin when they are growing molting
Name the 2 mains groups of plants vascular and nonvascular
How are humans classified? infant,child, adolescent, adult, senior
What carries instructions for your growth and development genes
Animals that look like adults when they are born, but don't have all the adult parts incomplete metamorphosis
List the stages in a moth's life cycle egg,larva,pupa,adult
Name a vascular plant flowering plants
Name a nonvascular plant moss,spores
What animal goes off on it's own and can take care of itself right after it is born? fish
How do ferns and moss reproduce? They produce spores in moist environments
How do potatoes grow? From a storage stem called a tuber(eye) of the potato
Which group of animals has a backbone and can move about? vertebrates
What group of animals doesn't have a backbone and live mostly in oceans? invertebrates
What kingdom absorb food and can't move about? fungi
This kingdom has the most organisms on earth.Some cause disease. bacteria
This kingdom is made up of algae and prtozoans. protists
Created by: sverkamp