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Reading Vocab

Impromptu occurs suddenly, without planning
desolate lonely, miserable
parallel episode repeated pattern within a story
mood the emotion or feeling of a story
Direct Characterization when a writer tells us what a character is like
Stamina the ability to do something difficult for a long time
obscure to hide
ignorance lack of awareness or knowledge
poignant causing sadness or pain, touching
alliteration repetition of consonant sounds in words
conflict problem in a story
presumptuous overly bold or confident
deteriorating worsening, declining
amiable good-naturedly, polite
motivation why we want to do what we do, what drives us
setting the time and place where a story takes place
intently with careful attention
ruefully with regret and embarrassment
indirect characterization when an author shows us what a character is like
empathy putting yourself in someone's shoes, understanding of feelings
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