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Earth Science

E.S. Chapter 4 Sections 1-4

renewable _______ resource can be replenished over a fairly short time spans such as months, years, or decades
nonrenewable _______ resource take millions of years to form & accumulate
coal ____ forms when heat & pressure transform plant material over millions of years
peat ____ is partially decayed material that sometimes looks like soil
lignite _______ which is a sedimentary rock that is of ten called brown coal
bituminous coal or soft coal continued heat & pressure transforms lignite into _____ ____ or _____ ____
anthracite coals last stage of development is a metamorphic rock called _______
petroleum & natural gas _______ & ______ ___ form from the remains of plants & animals that were buried under ancient seas
oil shale a rock that contains a waxy mixture of hydrocarbons called kerogen
green river formation of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming where is roughly half of the world's oil shale?
hydrothermal deposits _________ _______ form from hot, metal rich fluids that are left during the late stages of the movement and cooling of magma
solar energy what is the most abundant energy source?
True There is no pollution when a nuclear plant is running. True or False
technical advances, noise pollution What are some difficulties with using wind energy
hydroelectric power the power that falling water generates, known as ___________ _____, drives turbines that produce electric energy
geothermal energy _________ ______ is harnessed by tapping natural underground reservoirs of steam & hot water
71% what percentage of earth's surface does water cover?
less than 1% what percent of the water on earth is usable fresh water?
point source pollution _____ ______ ________ is pollution that comes from a known and specific beaten
nonpoint source pollution ________ _____ ________ is pollution that doesn't have a specific point of origin
runoff ______ is the water that flows over the land rather than seeping into the ground
ozone _____ is a 3-atom form of oxygen
it protects us from 95% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation how does ozone make life on land possible?
salinization over time irrigation causes _________ or the build-up of salts in soil
conservation _________ is the careful use of resources
Cuyahoga river it caught on fire and burned for days
contour plowing ________ _______ farmers plow across the contour hillsides
compost _______ is partly decomposed organic material that is used as fertilizer
recycling _______ is the collecting & processing of used items so they will be made into new products
Created by: VickieJ10
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