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Ecology P. 3

the study of interactions between dr5

What are some important concepts in Ecology? Reservoir, Biotic, Abiotic, Species, Population, Community, Niche, Habitat, Biomes, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere.
What are the names of biomes found in Canada? Deciduous forests, boreal forests (AKA taiga), artic tundra, grasslands, temperature coniferous forests.
What is the process of photo synthesis? when plants take sunlight to make energy. this usually occurs in green plants.
What is the word equation for photosynthesis? carbon dioxide + oxygen ---> [sunlight] water + usable energy + glucose (glucose)
what is the process of cellular respiration? they take food (glucose) and make it into cellular energy.
What is the word equation for cellular respiration? water + glucose (sugar)---> [cells] carbon dioxide + oxygen
define extinct a species that is not found anywhere. (blue walleye passenger pigeon)
define endangered a species that is close to extinction in all parts of Canada or a significantly large area. (beluga whale)
define extirpated any species that no longer exists in one area but can be found in others. (grizzly bear)
define threatened any species that is likely to become endangered if factors that make it vulnerable are not reversed. (wood bison)
define special concern a species with characteristics that make it sensitive to human activities or natural events. (grey fox)
what is an ecological footprint? an estimate of how much land is water is needed to support your lifestyle.
whats an environmental steward? taking care of our natural resources to ensure they are used in sustainable ways for current and future generations.
how does energy move in ecosystems? explain the 10% rule. 10% of the energy in food is used to make body tissues such as bones, muscles, and fat. 10% of the energy that the animal eats is available to pass on to the animal in which eats it. 90% is lost in transfers.
explain the process of the 10% rule theres 1 million joules of sunlight, the primany producers take 10% of that energy, the primary consumers eat the primary producers & gain 10% of their energy, then the secondary consumers gain 10% of theit energy, then the tertiary consumers get 10% 10j
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